School Procedure
  1. Parents of small children shall accompany the child and help them to board the bus in the moring and receive them by waiting on the left side of the bus in evening.
  2. Students must attend the classes on the operning day after each vacation. Absence is strictly prohibited before or after vacation or long holidys and will be viewed very seriously if no prior permission is obtained by the parents from the principal.
  3. Please do not send the child to school if he/she is suffering from any illness, especially, if the child is suffering from any contagious disease like Chickenpox, conjunctivities etc.
  4. Parents shall watch and guide their children's studies at the home. Prents should provide favourable atmosphere for study at home. Please do not take any stringent measures of coaching them by resorting to physical punishments or mental torture. Taking such measures will not only ruin their education but also their future life.
  5. Application for leave has to be applied for, in the school diary, if it is for 1-3 days, and sanction obtained from the class teacher
  6. Leave for more than 3 Days has to be sought by the parents in a seperate application address to the Principal and get sanctioned.
  7. Parents are requested to write the child's name, class and division on his/her belongings such as bags, books, water bottles, tiffin carriers, umbrellas etc.
  8. Letters/ circulars sent to parents must be properly and promptly responded.
  9. Parents are requested not to allow children to bring CD's, IPods, Camrea, Mobile phones, video games or similar gadgets to the school.
  10. Parents and students are discouraged from giving any kind of gifts to teachers and staff.
  11. Parents visiting school on a working day must go to the school office and not the staff room or class rooms. Parents are requested not to disturb teachers during working hours.
  12. Students are not permitted to bring money to the school, unless there is clear instruction from the school to bring money for a particular purpose.
  13. Children are not permitted to wear gold ornaments and expensive watches.
  14. Color dress Not Allowed on Birthday
    Students are not allowed to wear color dresses during birthdays. Color dress us discouraged as we find children wearing dresses that are not suitable or decent. Moreover, this is not serving the purpose of uniformity among students . Also sweets should not be distributed, instead children can donate books to the school library.
  15. Students have to come to school in uniform even when they come to attend special classes, library or other programmers on Saturday or holidays.
  16. Boys shall not grow long hair and should have decent hair cut.
  17. Students should clean their finger nails and trim them regularly. Nails should not be polished with any colors.
  18. During working hours, taking the children out requires the permission of the principal and the details must be entered in the movement register.
  19. During working hours phone calls to teachers and drivers by parents are strictly prohibited.
  20. Temporary change of bus is strictly discouraged. However, if very necessary prior permission must be received from the office.

Regular attendance is important for achievement and success in school. Students are encouraged and expected to attend school regularly. Personal matters should be handled after school hours. A medical or dental appointment should not mean an entire day’s absence. Upon returning to school after an absence, a student must bring a note to the cafeteria twenty-five minutes prior to 9:10 a.m. to receive an admit.Students with an original note from a physician will be issued an Excused admit. Students are to present the admit to each of their teachers during the course of the day and obtain their teachers’ initials on the admit. Students have up to 3 days to bring in their absentee notes, after which the absence will remain unexcused. Students without a note will be issued an Unexcused admit. Absences from class due to class cuts and truancies will be considered unexcused absences. Please retain all admits for your records. It is important to note that a student’s absence will remain unexcused if he/she does not receive an admit. All absences from school will be unsatisfactory except for the following reasons: