About School

R.N.Shetty Trust is well known for its philanthropic and community service deeds. It was established in 1975 by
Dr. R. N. Shetty, the Recipient of Sir. M. Vishweshwarayya and Karnataka Rajyotsava Awards. The aims and objectives of the trust are to encourage education in all fields, provide relief to distressed and charitable activities. The trust is responsible for various amenities provided in Murudeshwar like R.N.S. Hospital, Guest House, Dormitory Hall, Marriage Hall, R.N.S. Golf Court etc. Further he has also contributed generously for renovation of several temples and setting educational institutions in addition providing community service projects.

The trust runs along with R.N.S Vidyaniketan, R.N.Shetty P.U College, R.N.S Degree College, R.N.Shetty Rural Polytechnic, R.N.S Institute of Nursing Sciences and Murudeshwar, R.N.S Institute of Technology at Bengaluru, R.N.S First Grade College & R.N.S.P.U College at Channasandra in Bangaluru, R.N.S International School, Bangaluru.

With an intention to provide qualitative education to the people of Murudeshwar and surrounding areas, Dr. R.N.Shetty, the great industrialist of Murudeshwar has started RNS Vidyaniketan with LKG and UKG in 2003-04, with meager numbers of students and later on developed into a full-fledged institution from LKG to X std in 2010-11. The institution has been running successfully meeting the needs of the students of this locality. As it is felt that need of the hour is to have CBSC School , to enable the students to join the mainstream of present higher education and compete for various competitive examinations, which is the desire of the people for various competitive examinations, which is the desire of the people and educationist. Hence it is decided to convert the school to CBSC Syllabus from the year 2016-17.